This list is FAR from exhaustive. Just some things I've been to and can vouch for etc.


Cervejaria Paco Real is where I go for lunch 4-5 times a week. Awesome food, cheap, and quick. I always just order what's on special but with vegetables instead of rice, and generally ask for the fish (they usually have a fish option and a meat option

Cozy bars

  • Pavilhai Chines

  • Pensao Amor

  • FoxTrot


  • Social B

Bigger with various rooms, often music

  • Casa Independente

  • Ze de Bois


  • A carpintaria (more expat, less traditional)

Rooftop patio

  • Park bar is default venue for most tourists.

  • Sky bar

  • Sud Lisboa

  • Rio Maravilha popular and a favorite (at LX Factory)

  • There's a hostel beside Cais do Sodre station that has events


  • Palacio Chiado

  • Sky Bar

  • Sud Lisboa

  • Sea Me (seafood restaurant)



  • Lux, starts at 2am, ends after sunrise. Can be a big line but moves quickly.

  • Mome

  • Santos areas has a few nigh clubs that get busy 2-3am


  • A pampa, 18 praca das flores (just opened in June)

  • Timeout Market / Mercado da Ribeira (30+ restaurants)

  • LX Factory - 2 streets full of restaurants

  • A Travessa - one of the nicest but more expensive. Also across the street from me!

Car Rentals

  • Easy Car

Things To Do

  • Airbnb experiences is fairly big here

  • Eat a Pastel De Nata everyday

  • Rent Uber ebike (jump) and bike to Belem

  • Be local, drink wine in a park or in Chiado waterfront at sunset

Explore within 1hr train (very easy)

  • Cascais

  • Sintra

Surf - close to Lisbon

  • Carcavelos

  • Caparica (Fonte Da Telha best but furthest)

Surf and Cool to explore within 1hr, car required

  • Peniche - almost always good surf due to multiple points etc

  • Ericeira

  • Nazare (big wave spot in winter, Maria's restaurant also a standout here)

Kite - Close to Lisbon

  • Carcavelos (if S or W which is rare)

  • Guincho, often big surf though and rarely beginner or even intermediate friendly

  • Lagoa Alubeira and Lagoa Obidos for flat water or beginner friendly

  • If coming to kite, add yourself to Lisbon Kiteboarding group on meetup. From there you'll be added to Whatsapp group and know where people are going

Need things

  • Armazéns do Chiado is main shopping mall in center of town

  • Pingo Doce is best for groceries

Cool coffee shops

  • Boutik (favorite coffee shop plus healthy food)

  • Fabrica - chain of pretty cool coffee shops

Bike store

  • Biclas, Joeo is my guy