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We have a Big Vision

RipATrip is making travel search and discovery better. We're building broad data and a more personalized search so you first find your best destinations, then are directed to the best platforms to book.

TripAdvisor is the largest B2B Travel Metasearch. Our search framework allows us to be bigger. See here for more.

We have the support of leading startup incubators.

Our team is global, our current HQ is at Startup Lisboa. We launched our most recent MVP on iOS with kitesurfing travel. The feedback was awesome. However native app development & maintenance was expensive, slow, and constrained. We make mistakes, but rarely twice.

We pulled the app from the Apple store in April and are pivoting our front end to a broader responsive web platform. We have access to a team of external developers that have led development so far however we are looking for a passionate engineer to take leadership. That said, we are a startup. We are lean.

We have outsourced over 100 contracts overseas over the past three years. However we are growing and now looking for leaders who are interested in a long term opportunity.

In July we incorporated and raised our first investment round, however we are still lean. We are willing (and eager) to allocate significant equity but any monetary compensation will initially be low. That said, while being poor, we have a pretty awesome setup. World class surfing, kiteboarding, and paddleboarding are all less then 30min away. Cost of living in Portugal are the lowest in Europe, and Lisbon is incredible. We work long hours, but when it’s nuking out we’re just as likely to be at the beach as we are at the office. It’s part of the job.

We also have started building relationships and partnerships with some awesome brands and platforms. We get perks.

We are looking for a full stack web developer:

  • You have 3-5+ years full stack web development experience with a proven track record of building and deploying both front and back end solutions

  • You're a self-starter, problem-solver, and leader; someone who embraces challenges and is not easily derailed.

  • You have experience with startups and/or you're passionate about outdoor adventure sports and travel

We are looking for interns: Engineers, Data-scientists, Social media, Content, and Marketing

Interested in being poor in money but rich in experiences? Please submit form below. NO AGENCIES (Sorry, not for us. Any agency emails will be blocked and added to spam lists).

Influencers, Community Builders, and other Partners please see general contact form


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