Brennan Basnicki

In 2016 he learned to kitesurf, immediately became addicted, and soon found himself spending more time on the beach then at bars & restaurants in NYC. After multiple weekend-long searches planning kite trips he saw an opportunity to apply his quantitative background to a problem he and his friends had long faced.


Chris Candy

Chris’s deep passion for skiing has taken him around the world, having skied 50+ resorts in 10 countries across three continents, including a legendary 2007 season in Verbier, Switzerland. Most recently Chris decided to take up kiteboarding and traveled to a top destination on a friend's recommendation. Unbeknownst to him it wasn't exactly beginner friendly and he only scored 3/10 days on the water. He vowed to never make that mistake again..


Tiffany Bogich

Tiffany is an advisor for RipATrip. Tiffany is the founder of, a Techstars NYC company building a web-first publishing platform for scholarly journals. Prior to starting the company, Tiffany was an academic research scientist, having received her PhD from Cambridge University as a Bill & Melinda Gates Fellow.


Ludwig Hedlund

Ludwig has been skiing since he learned to walk. He worked as a free ride skiing instructor for three years and has been skiing all across Europe and North-America. After high school, Ludwig discovered surfing and as “surf-able” spots are next to nonexistent in Sweden, he had to do four long surfing trips around Asia and Europe the following years. He’s stoked to discover new breaks with RipATrip.


Moritz Gimbel

Moritz is an advisor for RipATrip. Moritz recently joined Apple as head of Product for Apple Music. We’re just as happy for him as we are stoked that Apple Music is finally going to get better.

Moritz has decades of experience with triangulating the various data points and he is excited to help guide an entrepreneurial team that will solve this problem at scale and with the speed and convenience that makes it compelling for habitual use.