We redid our presentation the day before and it ended up being much too long, but still probably our best pitch yet. Unfortunately the quality of the video isn’t great, but audio is on!



Demo video of our iOS MVP. We still think our optimal product will be a native app, but we learned from users and the startup community that it makes more sense to begin with a web platform, so that’s what we’re now focused on!
We decided to pull the app from the app store April 2019 so we can 100% focus on the new web platform

PARIS - MAY 2019

Forward 2:15 for cameo (in English) We were 1/20 startups selected to pitch, made it to final 5, and were unofficially told we were 2nd! (they only announced the winner, but we got some intel from one of the VCs). Awesome experience pitching in front of the CEO of Air France, Founder of Evaneos, and some notable VCs!


NYC - MAY 2018

Our first pitch, yikes! Fortunately the more recent ones are a little better.
RipATrip was selected as one of five startups to pitch at ERA roundtable 118, this video is from the first minute.