kiteboarding, surfing, restaurants, bars, & things to do


This list is FAR from exhaustive or thorough, but should get you started. I quickly put this together after numerous requests for recommendations.

Kiteboarding spots close to Lisbon

  • Carcavelos - go here if S or W which is rare and generally cloudy or stormy

  • Guincho - Windiest kiteboarding spot in Portugal, be prepared for big surf; triple overhead in winter is common. Summer is often more beginner friendly but still more of an expert of intermediate spot. Check Magic Seaweed for surf conditions

  • Lagoa Alubeira and Lagoa Obidos for flat water or beginner friendly kiteboarding spots

  • Fonte Da Telha, Bela Vista, and Nova Vaga are the kite spots on Caparica

  • If coming to kite, add yourself to Lisbon Kiteboarding group on meetup. From there you'll be added to Whatsapp group and know where people are going

Surf spots close to Lisbon

  • Carcavelos is the busiest and close, sometimes awesome, often shorebreak though. There’s better spots along the Targus, Portugal Surf Map and Magic Seaweed are your best resources for these. You can take your board on the train.

  • Caparica has a few surf spots that can be reached for 15-20 EUR Bolt, Kapten, or Uber (most expensive)

Spots to explore within 45min train (very easy)

  • Cascais

  • Sintra - Awesome Hiking, go beyond the tourist spots and there’s 10’s of kms of majestic trails. Yep, majestic. It’s awesome

Surf spots to explore within 2hrs, car required

  • Peniche - almost always good surf due to multiple points etc

  • Ericeira

  • Nazare (big wave spot in winter, Maria's restaurant also a standout here)

Best Surf SUP paddleboard spot

  • Praia da Parede is an awesome break, I’ve caught waves that have lasted 30 seconds. Parede is just west of Carcavelos and accessible by train.

Lunch in Lisbon, Coffee & Cafes

  • Cervejaria Paco Real is where I go for lunch 4-5 times a week. Awesome food, cheap, and quick. I always just order what's on special but with vegetables instead of rice, and generally ask for the fish (they usually have a fish option and a meat option

  • Boutik - Favorite coffee shop & healthy lunch spot with Bohemian / surf vibe

  • Fauna & Flora - another favorite for healthy food and coffee, cool vibe

  • Cafe Boavida

  • Bowls & Bars

Cozy bars in Lisbon

  • Pavilhai Chines

  • Pensao Amor

  • FoxTrot

Funky Bars in Lisbon

  • Social B

Bigger with various rooms, often music

  • Casa Independente

  • Ze de Bois


  • A carpintaria (more expat, less traditional)

Rooftop patios in Lisbon

  • Park bar is a default venue for most tourists.

  • Sky bar

  • Sud Lisboa

  • Rio Maravilha is popular and a favorite (at LX Factory)

  • Sunset Destination Hostel has a sunday rooftop party, just beside Cais do Sodre in the center of Lisbon

Posh Bars and Restaurants

  • Palacio Chiado

  • Sky Bar

  • Sud Lisboa

  • Sea Me (seafood restaurant)



  • Lux is another default tourist spot. It starts at 2am, ends after sunrise. Can be a big line but moves quickly. Fun spot to do once

  • Mome

  • Santos areas has a few night clubs that get busy 2-3am

  • There’s a ton of spots in Lisbon. The best parties are generally events, there’s always something going on. Unfortunately, the days where I had good party recommendations are behind me (for the most part).


  • A pampa, 18 praca das flores (just opened in June, definitely a favorite)

  • Timeout Market / Mercado da Ribeira (30+ restaurants)

  • LX Factory - 2 streets full of restaurants

  • A Travessa - one of the nicest but most expensive. Also across the street from me!

Car Rentals

  • Easy Car, EuropCar, Holiday Autos

RV & Campervan rentals (my preferred means of exploration)

  • Indie Campers, West Coast Campers, AirBnb

Other Things To Do

  • Airbnb experiences is fairly big here

  • Eat a Pastel De Nata everyday

  • Rent Uber ebike (jump) and bike to Belem

  • Be local, drink wine in a park or in Chiado waterfront at sunset


  • Armazéns do Chiado is main shopping mall in center of town

  • Pingo Doce is best for groceries

Bike store

  • Biclas, Joeo is my guy



  • Weather - Dark Sky

  • Wind - ikitesurf, Windfinder pro

  • Campervan Parking - Park4Night

  • Beach cams - for wind/wave (better than forecasts); “Beachcam”

  • Surf Spot - Magic Seaweed, Portugal Surf map

  • Care share - Kapten & Bolt cheapest, Uber slightly more reliable

  • Getting Around - City Mapper