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Costs 4
Nightlife 3
Beginner Friendly                     5
Family Friendly 4
Flat Water 5
Crowdedness 4

"Kite-in Kite-out"                     No
1-2m Waves Yes
2m+ Waves No
Downwinders Yes

"Wifi Coverage"                     High
Restauarants & Bars 162

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Levkada_135_weather chart.png

The Experience

Things to Book

Our favorite option - rent a car. With such an expansive landscape and numerous sights to see, you’ll want a car in Greece. We have looked through the options for renting a car in Lefkada, and rentalcars is our favorite platform for finding the best priced rental cars.

Kite & Cruise. Improve your kitesurfing while on a one week kite cruise. Guaranteed to kite, snorkel and/or sup everyday… this is our recommendation!

Unique stays in Lefkada. Airbnb is the best option for finding good accommodation in Lefkada. For yachts, Greek vilas, and more unique stay see link below.

RV’s, Campervans & Motorhomes. Don’t limit yourself to one kitespot, Lefkada is your main spot but there’s plenty more windy spots around. For campervans in Greece Campanda has the best selection..


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