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kite-in kite-out accomodation
1-2m waves
launch space 20m+
2m+ waves
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nightlife 3/5
beginner friendly 4/5
family friendly 3/5
flat water 3/5
not crowded 4/5
other activities 3/5
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season overview

foil wind is more than 8 kts
wind for big kites is more than 12 kts
freeride wind is more than 17 kts
big air wind is more than 22 kts
air temperature
water temperature

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Kite schools & shops

Looking for lessons, rentals, or support? Check out some of the local kite shops below. Do you have a great kiteschool that you would like to list? Submit your information here.

Playa Central Kiteboarding
2 hr private: $150 USD
3 hr private foil lesson: $250 USD
Evolution Kiteboarding
2 hr private with boat: $250 USD
2 hr private: $190 USD
Nomad Kitesurf
3 hr private: $255 USD
Jet ski assisted lesson available
Elevation Kiteboarding
3 day private with jet ski: $775 USD
Full rental: $105 USD


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Destination info

Contributor content provided by Olivia Rose from Playa Central Kiteboarding

Destination Overview: La Ventana is an idyllic fishing village that enjoys significant kitesurfer migration from BC, Canada, Oregon, Washington, and California. It's probably safe to say this is one of the most popular holiday kitespots in the winter for west coast Canadians and Americans. Thanks to kite tourism, this town has grown and flourished.

La Ventana is a kitesurfing paradise where the desert meets the sea. With crazy marine wildlife, great diving, sports, and spearfishing options… there are tours and adventures around every corner. This is also a place where you can still walk on the beach at night, no plastic washes up, and it's one of the safest areas in Mexico. There are miles and miles of stellar launches with no open ocean and no currents, an excellent spot to push your limits and progress, or come down as a beginner kitesurfer.

If you're looking to kite foil or try out a new kitewing, La Ventana is a top kite foiling destination. Home to both the La Ventana Classic and the kite foil Gold Cup, the foil friendly setup draws thousands of kitefoilers every year.

Best beginner kitespot: Playa Central is the main kitesurf launch where you can find tons of beginner support.

Best flat water kitespot: Choco Lake now has a slider park during the season; great butter flat water here.

Best wave kitespot: The Wave ranch down by the bufador at South Beach is your best option; however, La Ventana is definitely better known as a foil spot than wave spot.

Notable downwinders: Epic downwinders starting at Hot Springs or Rasta Beach and ending at Playa Central or South Bay.

Significant wind patterns: North cold fronts that push in the wind, thermals, and a venturi… that's why this is a kite mecca!

After-kite food & drink recommendations: Playa Central as a bar, Las Palmas for local food, Casa Tara for a fancy dinner with wine, and gourmet vegan meals.

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Local intel by Olivia Rose
Playa Central put LV on the map when it opened in 2008. Famous for both for their margaritas and friendly, supportive staff, Playa Central is a staple in the local kite community. With a bar/restaurant, storage, lessons, and accommodation Playa Central is definitely your first spot to check out in La Ventana!

Wind forecast

Current wind and weather forecast at La Ventana. To see best months to kite foil, freeride kiteboard, and for big air, see “season overview” at top. You may have to slide map up to see kitespot.

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