The most important consideration when planning a kiteboard travel trip is generally wind.

Taking a week off from work and only getting 2-3 days to kite is unacceptable. So we spent 12+ months building the BEST wind data.

Yes, better than any other weather, wind, or kite site. How? Read here.

More importantly, wind and weather are just two considerations when thinking about the best kiteboarding destination for YOU.

We soon will import the search functionality we already built (see “Nov 18th Demo” here) into this website so that you can personalize your kite search

Search any combination of:

  • Wind - Strength (8, 12, 17, 22+ knots) and frequency (10, 15, 20, 25+ day/month)

  • Climate - Minimum air temperature and maximum wetsuit required

  • Total Travel Time - The maximum amount of time you have to travel. Includes all air, transfer, and ground commute time.

  • Waves 1-2 or 2m+. Flat Water. Beginner Friendliness. Family Friendliness. Cost. Nightlife. And more…

RipATrip Kite Destinations map 1.JPG
RipATrip Kite Destinations map 2.JPG
RipATrip Kite Destinations map 3.JPG