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Costs 3
Nightlife 5
Beginner Friendly                     4
Family Friendly 5
Flat Water 4
Crowdedness 3

"Kite-in Kite-out"                     Yes
1-2m Waves Yes
2m+ Waves No
Downwinders Yes

"Wifi Coverage"                     High
Restauarants & Bars 136

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Jeri_35b_weather chart.png

The Experience

Things to Book

Kite camps. Don’t want to plan anything, just want to rip? Check out premium kite experiences on For progression camps, instructors, single day excursions, and more affordable experiences, see BStoked.

Unique stays. Pass on the dated hotel and opt for a Pousada in Brazil to get the full experience. We highly recommend a beach or “kite-in kite-out” Pousada to make the most out of your trip. Check out the top 10 reviewed Pousadas in Jericoacoara here.


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