Looking for the best powder and apres-ski for a bachelor party? Maybe the best family friendly kitesurf trip?

Our kitesurf travel “MVP” is now on the iOS (Apple) app store and our destination database is second to none. Soon we will add skiing and surfing to both iOS and Android. Helping you plan your next trip helps us build a better product.

Sample Custom Bachelor Party Ski Trip

First we determine your group needs, then we run a search across 100s of global ski destinations. Below is an example of a custom form to first develop a personalized search.

For this trip... *
For this trip...
Every member of the group will submit their info. With that, group preferences can be determined and confirmed with the bachelor. A custom search is then run by RipATrip and results are sent to entire group. From that the search can further be revised and re ran until the best destination is determined..
I am willing to spend $1000 for the entire trip
I am willing to spend $2000 for the entire trip
I am willing to spend $3000 for the entire trip
If this is a "bucket-list" type experience (cat/heli skiing, Japan, etc) I may be willing to spend more then indicated above
I could do a 2-3 day trip
I could do a 4-5 day trip
I could do a 7-9 day trip
I really want to get powder
I want back-country or slack-country
I want to rip groomers
I want terrain parks and half pipes
I want good apres skiing
I would prefer 1 or 2 epic days versus 3-5 good days
I need reliable wifi to be able to work a couple hours/day
I need reliable cell coverage to check in with family/work
Anything else you would like us to consider? Anything important to you we missed? Please share!