Kiteboarding Destination Info

Costs 3
Nightlife 5
Beginner Friendly                     4
Family Friendly 5
Flat Water 4
Crowdedness 3

"Kite-in Kite-out"                     Yes
1-2m Waves Yes
2m+ Waves No
Downwinders Yes

"Wifi Coverage"                     High
Restauarants & Bars 136

Wind & weather

We have the best wind data. read more about why over Here.

Jeri_35b_weather chart.png


Things to Book

Our favorite option - rent someone’s personal car

Forget overpriced agency cars, these are the platforms we us, particularly when looking for a larger vehicle for our gear that would normally be more expensive. Both Turo and Getaround offers cars you can rent in san francisco from private persons for a great price.

Book a kite camp

unique stays in jericoacoara

Fancy a pousada? seems to have the best selection of beach accommodation in Jericoacoara.

camp in san francisco

Experience the californian nature and find a spot where you can “kite-in kite-out”, it’ll also be a fraction of the cost of a

hotel. we found some great sites around the bay area. We found that most campsites can be found at hipcamp.

rV’s, campervans and motorhomes

Don’t limit yourself to one kitespot. Chase the wind at Sherman Island, oceanside, and more. Outdoorsy has a great selection of campervans in the san francisco area.


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