we don’t want to continue to search.

— we want to rip.

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We have unique preferences. unique constraints.

Activity specific factors. Costs. Travel time. …is there reliable wifi so I can work? Figuring out where’s best for our needs is painful.

Worse, we’ve been on too many average trips that could have been awesome. That “windy” kite spot that was only windy 3/9 days. That epic surf spot we went to during rain season. The “best” ski resort we spent the entire weekend waiting in lift lines after spending $200 for a lift ticket.

There’s a lot of info online. A lot of resources. But we don’t have the time or desire to spend all weekend flipping through 100’s of pages of info.

It’s time for a better search platform. It’s time to rip.

We’re building not just the best, but the broadest travel, activity, and destination data. With that, a quick and personalized search so you can find the best destinations, for you.

From there, we’re partnering with the best platforms and marketplaces. From RV’s & car-shares, to glamping, guides and gear. There’s a ton of innovation taking place in travel. Gone are the days where agency rental-cars and hotels are our only options. Now we can rent a vintage VW campervan, pickup a surfboard at the coffee shop, meet our guide at the beach, and camp out in a local’s backyard. All for less than that 3-star hotel and economy rental car. We’re putting all of that together in one, easy search.

For you. For us. For everyone who wants to rip.


the team helping you rip

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Brennan Basnicki

Brennan is the founder of ripatrip. He started skiing at two, raced competitively for a decade, and later ski coached while attending the University of Western Ontario. He spent the next 10 years in quantitative trading while living in Toronto, NYC, and Illinois.

In 2016 he learned to kitesurf, immediately became addicted, and soon found himself spending more time on the beach then at bars & restaurants in NYC. After multiple weekend-long searches planning kite trips he saw an opportunity to apply his quantitative background to a problem he and his friends had long faced. Planning ski trips, and more recently kite trips, was much more difficult than it need to be. For more on his story, click here.


Julià Delos Ayllón

Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Scientist. Julia Delos is cofounder and CTO for ripatrip. Barcelona born, Julia was educated in Spain, France, and the USA before completing a PhD in electrical engineering in the Netherlands. Having spent 10 years engineering and performing research for large organizations like HP, LEAR, & Philips, Julia is increasingly passionate about solving real people problems and converting them into sustainable businesses following the LEAN startup methodology.

When not sitting behind the computer you can often catch Julià kiteboarding, having most recently spent the winter in Cape Town. When it’s not nuking Julia also like to get into the mountains skiing, climbing & hiking. Julia also founded the unique food festival 'la calçotada' which he continues to operate in the Netherlands.

Juli ripatrip kiteboarding.jpg

Ludwig Hedlund

An engineer from Sweden, Ludwig joined ripatrip originally on an internship. Stoked about the opportunity, he’s now staying on full-time as we build our out platform and community. Ludwig previously worked on green energy & solar with GRØNBID and Engineers Without Borders.

Ludwig has been skiing since he learned to walk. He worked as a free ride skiing instructor for three years and has been skiing all across Europe and North-America. After high school Ludwig discovered surfing, and as “surf-able” spots are next to nonexistent in Sweden, he embarked on four long surfing trips across Asia and Europe the following years. He’s stoked to discover new breaks with ripatrip.


sylvia cardim de melo

Syvlia is the brand manager and creative strategist for ripatrip. São Paulo-born, US-educated, Europe-groomed, and Asia-tested, Sylvia’s a brand strategist fascinated by brands rooted in culture, stories, and purpose. Passionate about helping brands become relevant in people’s lives, she followed her own passion and founded Strawberry branding studio in Lisbon.

When not conjuring brand craft, you can find Syvlia musing about her own entrepreneurial journey which includes everything from branding and communications for Guinness World Record big wave surfer Garret McNamara to her own impulsive wanderlust adventures.

Sylvia ripatrip 1.jpg

Chris Candy

Chris is an advisor and lead iOS development for ripatrip through his company SevenMedia, a mobile development company he co-founded based in Toronto, Canada. Having been engaged in Augmented Reality since 2012, Chris is one of the original pioneers of AR in Canada.  

Chris’s deep passion for skiing has taken him around the world, having skied 50+ resorts in 10 countries across three continents, including a legendary 2007 season in Verbier, Switzerland. Most recently Chris decided to take up kiteboarding and traveled to a top destination on a friend's recommendation. Unbeknownst to him it wasn't exactly beginner friendly and he only scored 3/10 days on the water. He vowed to never make that mistake again..


Moritz Gimbel

Moritz is an advisor for ripatrip. Moritz recently joined Apple as head of Product for Apple Music. A hands-on digital media product leader with 20 years experience in production, operations, and product development, Moritz is passionate about visual storytelling and design. Previously he has held leadership roles for MTV, Bloomberg, and NBC Universal while working across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Moritz grew up sailing and started to race dinghies competitively from the age of 7, switching to wind and kitesurfing in his twenties. As a keen waterman he is highly familiar with the problem that ripatrip solves: find wind, waves and a way to get there instantly. Optimizing timing, location and travel is critical for so many weather and environment dependent activities. Moritz has decades of experience with triangulating the various data points and he is excited to help guide an entrepreneurial team that will solve this problem at scale and with the speed and convenience that makes it compelling for habitual use.


Tiffany Bogich

Tiffany is an advisor for ripatrip. Tiffany is the founder of science.ai, a Techstars NYC company building a web-first publishing platform for scholarly journals. Prior to starting the company, Tiffany was an academic research scientist, having received her PhD from Cambridge University as a Bill & Melinda Gates Fellow.

During her time at Cambridge Tiffany rowed for St. Catharine's College and earned her 'blues' playing for the Cambridge University Women's Rugby Football and Cricket Clubs. Since moving to New York City she learned to boulder in Brooklyn and kitesurf in the Great South Bay. With three summers of kitesurfing and trips to Nantucket, the Outer Banks, Hood River, Hawaii, and Panama under her belt, she's excited to keep learning and traveling to new (windy) places. 


Shaun Sauve

Shaun is the chief technical advisor for ripatrip. Shaun has worked across a wide variety of software niches from unmanned drone guidance systems and class III medical devices to telco operations platforms and full-stack web development. As a result he’s become somewhat of a generalist with a unique perspective on architecture and strategy.

When not writing software or keeping projects on track, Shaun’s frequently making kiteboarding trips down to Cape Hatteras or Cabarete, and recently has been making the most out of no wind days with a hand built para-motor.


For more about our vision, see our media page.